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The Stream

Creative Mentorship Package

This package may suit you if:

  • You are a first-time writer looking for a friend to listen to your ideas
  • You are an undergraduate or graduate student needing guidance on your work
  • You are a business owner hoping to dust the cobwebs off of your website content
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In my heart, I am a creator. My hands ache to be splattered with watercolor paints, my eyes yearn to devour the words – my words – that I put onto the page. This passion for creating ensures an intentional, empathetic perspective as you negotiate all of the enchanting and frustrating moments in your own storytelling journey.

As your creative mentor, my top priority is listening. I want to hear all of the details about your work that make your heart sing and offer my advice on any areas I see that may need a bit of refinement.

Creative mentorship is, first and foremost, a conversation. This package begins at a flat rate, with additional charges determined at an hourly rate if you feel as though more in-depth work is required to allow your piece to take flight.

The Lake

Proofreading & Editing Package

You strike the final key. You check that all of your punctuation marks are in order. You sign your document. Your newest piece of work is, at last, complete! Yet now you may be wondering: what’s next?

As your editor, I offer a set of eyes to catch every “teh” in your document or an experienced hand to dig into the meat of your grammar or plot construction.

The Lake package begins with a client consultation to discuss your work and your intentions for your piece. An hourly rate is then determined based on the type of overview required, ranging from a basic proofread to close, critical editing.

This package may suit you if:

  • You are an undergraduate or graduate student seeking an overhaul of your dissertation
  • You are a burgeoning author hoping to refine the plot of your manuscript
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The Sea

Ghostwriting Package

For Muriel Rukeyser, “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” This statement – elegant in its simplicity – informs my professional ethos. Regardless of the nature of what you wish to pursue, I believe that there is a story behind every choice, every step you took to realize your vision.

It is my sincerest wish to help you tell that story.

The Sea package begins with a candid consultation to discuss your work and your intentions for your piece. Once we develop your narrative, you and I will select a plan that will most effectively capture the tone and message of your work.

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This package may suit you if:

  • You are a literary agent seeking a writer versed in multiple registers for a ghostwriting project
  • You are a business owner in need of fresh content for your website, newsletter, or other marketing materials

What my clients say….

Great experience! Maggie was fast, efficient and professional. She offered great advice and grammatical corrections. She also provided very good suggestions that improved the flow of the text. I highly recommend Maggie and will definitely use her services in the future.

Deanna Asbury, author of The Dog Days of Ernie

Working with Maggie was an easy process that ended up giving us quality content we were proud to showcase to clients. She has a knack for asking the right questions to get the information she needs without taking more time than needed. We look forward to working with her more in the future.

Patricia Phillips, Vice President of Greystone Building Company, Inc.

Ms. Sadler’s assistance in writing copy for our firm’s  webpage was invaluable.  It is difficult for most professionals to find the additional time to create the necessary content to display who you are, but, then again, it is difficult for most writers to understand their clients well enough to write content that displays who they really are and why people should trust you.  Ms. Sadler’s in-depth research about her subjects made her content individual, specific, interesting, and it displayed our firm.  In addition, Ms. Sadler is witty and professional, making her great to work with all around.

Heather KS Nalley, attorney at Gentry Nalley, PLLC

Take a breath. Then two. Let’s dive into your creative journey.

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Disclaimer: I am always enthusiastic about great writing and to serve as a champion for authors. Currently, I am honored to have turned that passion into a growing career with Corvisiero Literary Agency

As a conflict of interest, any work I take on through this site to help authors via editing or developing their manuscript will not be considered by me for agency representation. You are free, however, to query another agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency.