Wonder skitters and shivers in all of the hidden hollows of the world. When you hope to capture a little bit of it for yourself, I am here to help.

Hello! I’m Maggie, and I am a writer, editor, and apprentice literary agent. I am dedicated to helping my clients plumb the depths of their potential through careful, personalized collaboration, guiding their original ideas with my unique creative energy through their adventures in storytelling.

Whether you need someone to dig into your creative writing with a critical yet constructive eye, want to craft content for your new business website, or simply need an empathetic ear to listen to your ideas, I am here to help you share your authentic self with the world.

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Creative Content

I work primarily in copywriting, but I also love helping clients refine their vision for their creative projects! Click below to find out how to work with me and further cultivate your story: 

Writing and Art

Pine boughs trilling whispered melodies. Moonglow weeping across a darkened glen. In my heart, I am a storyteller, eager to capture the essence of the world as I see it and share it with others. Learn more about how to help me realize this vision:

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