An Unexpected Visit

As an unexpected surprise, my dad has flown into St Andrews for a few days of merry relaxation before he heads to London on business. Already quite familiar with St Andrews, I decided to pack up the head Hobbit and head over to the quiet, quaint, coastal town of Crail, about half an hour by bus away from St Andrews.

To say I fell a little bit in love with Crail is an understatement. While St Andrews is a very lovely place to be, sometimes all of the students and tourists can get overwhelming. Crail was quiet and clean, a St Andrews without all the bustle of haggard students and raucous travelers.

The views of the sea at Crail were unparalleled. A wider view of open ocean met us as we exited the bus, and we had the opportunity to venture right down onto the mossy rocks for a closer look at the sea. When I returned home over Christmas, the sea was the element of Scotland I missed most, and after this trip to Crail, I would definitely say that its coast is the best. The air was clean, the sky was clear, and the gulls cried upon the wind: perfectly picturesque and most undoubtedly Maggie.

After some gallivanting, my dad and I wandered into the Crail Harbor Gallery, a wee tea room situated in a 300 year old cellar. The interior boasted exposed ceiling beams and uneven floors, completely magical. However, because the day was so wonderfully pristine, we took our afternoon tea out on the patio, overlooking the delightful surf.

All in all, I adored Crail. It is definitely the type of place I could envision tucking myself away in, nestled within the heart of a seaside cottage as I diligently compose my novels. Some of the homes in Crail were so incredible, I grew nauseous with envy. Patios embracing the open ocean, immaculate gardens upon the hillside, and rough hewn stone for a bit of history- I cannot even contain my joy. Hopefully I may make a return journey in the near future, as I am counting down the days for my mother’s arrival.

Originally written 21 April 2013

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