A Winter Wander Part I: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

On Monday, I journeyed down to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to begin a three- day tour of England and Scotland before I head home for Christmas. I thought it would be nice to use some of my down time to explore some of the surrounding area. So, I packed my rucksack for the first adventure: visiting the homeland of my mother’s family.

Newcastle is such a delightful city. Pictured above is a beautiful church near the town center. It was intriguing to see the place my grandmother, aunt, and so many others speak about so fondly. Though I am not acquainted with any of the distant relatives that live here, it was exciting to feel connected to the city somehow, in the sense that somewhere, my blood was roaming the streets just as I was.

I also visited the Castle Keep, the architecture of which was breathtaking. Unlike Edinburgh Castle, most of the keep was open to the public. There were so many wee corridors and secret chambers to lose myself in. I do not believe I will ever grow tired of visiting old castles, since I let my imagination run free and place myself in the time of their glory.

Newcastle was an amazing place, and I am so lucky that I had the chance to explore somewhere so important to my family. It was such a lovely trip that I’m excited to share with everyone when I return home for the Christmas holiday.

Originally written 19 December 2012

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