Sharing the Adventure in Edinburgh

Today, my friend and I went on a jaunt around Edinburgh. Though I have journeyed here several times now, I actually discovered some new and exciting destinations. What made the experience more enriching, though, was the opportunity to see it through the eyes of a longtime friend from home, as if I were seeing the entire city itself anew.

St. Margaret’s Chapel within the castle was open after a year of refurbishment, and it was so interesting to set foot in a building so ancient. Built in the 12th Century, the chapel is the oldest building within Edinburgh Castle. It made me wish I was from the medieval times.

My next new adventures was the Edinburgh Writer’s Museum, with dedications to Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns. As I am studying Robert Burns in English next week, I found it quite helpful to gain a bit of insight into his life and works.

Finally, my favorite stop was in Bacchus Antiques, located in a wee ramshackle building on Victoria Street. Though it looks decrepit and ancient on the outside, within is a pristine haven of antiquities. The master of the shop is most likely a wizard who opened his little pride and joy in 1142 AD, and he gave us an insightful little tour into his collection. I acquired a nice antique compass to wear around my neck. I have decided I want to visit him more often.

Originally written 27 February 2013

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