Cairngorms National park

This weekend, whilst one of my school friends is visiting, we decided to take a trip northwards to Cairngorms National Park. To say it was beautiful is a severe understatement. A dream to set foot in the Scottish Highlands was realized, and my heart soars.

We spent Saturday hiking all around Braemar, the village we stayed in. There were excellent walking paths all around the hills and valleys. While we did not trek all of them, the ones we were fortunate enough to find offered stunning views of the surrounding woodlands and hills. I think my favorite part, though, was when we reached a particular valley at the end of our path. The world was completely still as we kept company with some old, wispy trees. Never before have I heard silence such as this, but it was the most harmonious and peaceful I have ever felt.

On Sunday, we went for an extended pony trek in the village of Aboyne. As an avid horsewoman, traversing the Scottish wilderness on horseback allowed me to realize a long-held dream. I miss my horses so much, so the chance to get back in the saddle is beyond words.

Originally written 24 February 2013

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