A Winter Wander Part III: Edinburgh

My journey concluded with a stop to the Christmas Market in Edinburgh. Though I have visited the city before, it was nice to return and see if I remember all of my favorite places. The market also added a festive atmosphere that made me all the more excited to return home.

My top priority was the oft-discussed food of the Christmas market. I kicked off my treats with a cinnamon-sugar crepe, which tasted festive in and of itself. It reminded me of the cinnamon-sugar toast my mother used to make me as a child, which offered me comfort in my anticipation to return home. My second ambition was to try mead. It was even served in a finely crafted, artisanal mug to keep. Feeling rather Viking-like with mead and handmade mugs pleased me.

I also had the chance to visit the Scottish National Gallery, an art museum in the heart of the city. My family and I ran out of time during our visit, thus, we could not see it. This time, though, I was determined to tour its halls and experience my first true glimpse into fine art. The marble statues were a particular favorite, as they looked as if they would come alive right before my eyes. No photos were allowed in the gallery, yet I stealthily swiped this shot of the stairwell, in which dozens of marble busts adorned the walls. Imposing, yet intriguing.

Originally written 19 December 2012

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