First Day Jitters

Fifteen years ago, I marched off to my first day of preschool, excited for the opportunity to, at last,  attend school. Today I will be embarking on my first day of university, and I am both nervous and excited.

My classes sound rather interesting, like Mind and Reality, yet I am not sure what to expect. In high school, I managed to graduate with high honors, despite never “studying” the material, as well as reading for pleasure while the teacher taught a lesson. While my primary education did not feel challenging, I feel as though I am not prepared for higher education, that the lectures will be over my head, and that I will be lost in the mire of coursework.

While I do not know what to expect, I hope that my time here at St Andrews will be so much more rewarding than any American university, simply due to the fact that I will be learning things more catered to my interests and what I wish to pursue later in life.

I leave my dorm today with an open mind, ready to fill in the blank page of this new life.

Originally written 17 September 2012

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