Settling In

Bustling about from place to place for the past few days, it seems as though I can never get a moment to simply sit. I’ve had such a relaxing summer that the pace of settling in to St Andrews seems frenetic.

Though I have just arrived, it has definitely been a learning experience. I’m having a bit of trouble making friends, since I tend to be on the shy side. Usually, I do not march up to people with a forward introduction. I know everyone is in the same position, not knowing anyone, but I find it difficult to simply reverse a personality trait so intrinsic to myself.

It seems so intimidating that everyone already has these groups of friends, walking around in packs, whereas I’m just wandering about all by lonesome. I am going to try to go to a few of the club meet-and-greets, simply to try and meet people with similar interests as me.

All in all, move in was alright. I am perhaps just overwhelmed, yet I’m hoping once teaching begins, I can actually settle into a routine and meet people with similar interests so I’ll feel more comfortable.

Originally written 10 September 2012

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